Friday, September 3, 2010

Brave or stupid

One of my friends was coming to pick me up the other night so we could attend a meeting. I decided that I would start walking down the road to meet her. I was walking down my driveway just taking in all the green and beauty around us this summer, causually waving to the neighbor and rather enjoying the pleasant evening when all of a sudden I heard the unmistakeable buzz. I stepped dead in my tracks and looked down. About 4 feet in front of me slithering across the road was a huge rattlesnake. I spun and headed back to my house for a shovel. In the meantime I look up to see my neighbor coming down the road. I know he likes the dumb things so I wave him over. He gets out of his truck, grabs a shovel and proceeds to roll the shovel handle up the snakes back. He pins its head down and then reaches with his bare hands and picks the thing up with his young son and myself watching on. I about fainted.

Later I was sharing the event with dad. In classic Doy fashion with one line or less, he sums up the entire situation. "I always thought those guys who played with snakes were not showing how brave they are but how ignorant they are." Nothing else needs to be said. A man of few words but take heed when he speaks :)

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Lindsay Sue Photo said...

You always have funny stories. You should start posting them in REader's Digest! :)